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Westmore: Second Chances Excerpt

Hello Everyone!

As you all know, Westmore: Second Chances has finally been released.

I promised to share an excerpt from the book so without further ado, here’s a sneak peek at what’s happening in the latest Westmore installment.





With her arms wrapped around a pillow, Alicia curled up on her side. The touch of a man’s hand on her hip interrupted her peaceful slumber. Startled she jumped; swinging her fists she managed to hit the man in the chest before he grabbed her arms. She tried to wiggle free, but he had a strong hold on her.

“Calm down, Alicia.” A male voice responded.

Alicia’s body fell limp at the voice, one she recognized. “Wayne, is that you?” He released her. “What the hell are you doing here? How did you get in?”

“I needed to see you.”

“So you broke into my house?” She threw her hands in the air. “You really are crazy. My stepdad’s a cop, he’ll arrest you.”

“I know it’s risky, but I couldn’t resist.”

“You need to leave; my mom or Jim could see you. Then you’ll be in trouble.” She cracked open the door to make sure nobody was awake.

“I don’t care.”

Exasperated, she shut the door. “Wayne, please go.”

“No,” he said in a firm tone.

“Please, I’m worried about you. If anybody finds out you’re here…”

“They won’t.”

The more he refused, the furious Alicia became. I can see stubbornness also runs in the Braxton family.

“Alicia, both you and I know you don’t want me to leave.” His fingers caressed her cheek, her smooth skin felt good to him.

Her body became weak at his touch. “Wayne, please.”

“Do you really want me to leave?” He put his finger on her lips as she opened her mouth. “Don’t answer yet.”

Pulling her closer, his left hand rested on her back as his other cupped her head. He took a moment to appreciate her beauty, everything about Alicia captivated him. Not wanting to wait another second longer, he pressed his lips against hers. She resisted at first, then she slowly came into the kiss. Parting her lips, she let his tongue explore her mouth. She wrapped her arms around his shoulders as he deepened the kiss.

He scooped her up in his arms and carried her to the bed. Gently he laid her on the covers. He pulled away; gazing down at her. Both of them were breathless from the kiss. “Do you still want me to leave?”

“No,” she whispered before pulling him down on her. His hands made their way under her tank top; Alicia closed her eyes and moaned. She didn’t want this to end.



Second chances are hard to come by. But when they occur, you have to grab the opportunity and prove your worth.

In volume 7 of the soap opera inspired series, fate gives Westmore’s residents a chance to redeem themselves.

*Wayne’s new venture lands him in the good graces of his family again. But his budding romance with Alicia Green could cause his downfall.

*Recovering from his divorce, Andrew decides to enjoy life with the company of another woman. Will he find love with his new lady? Or will he resort to bad habits for another shot at love with Elizabeth?

*A fatal shooting almost cost Jim his life, but he pulls through to reunite with Charlotte and his family. But his near death experience has him contemplating a huge decision.

*Laura and Rick vowed to leave their relationship in the past, yet a sensual encounter could have the lover reigniting the flame.

Will this these characters succeed in gaining their second chances? Or does destiny have other plans for them?

Find out in Westmore: Second Chances.

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Sheila Carter returns to B&B

The Bold and the Beautiful viewers were in for a shock on Friday’s show, which saw the return of Sheila Carter.


As all soap fans know, Sheila Carter is one of the most popular villains in daytime history. She first made her debut on The Young and the Restless before going to its sister soap The Bold and the Beautiful.

Sheila’s reappearance on The Bold and the Beautiful is a breath of fresh air for the show, which recently had gotten stale. With the new Spectra gang and the Katie/Ridge/Quinn storyline, fans were getting fed up with the show’s writing.

Yet, B&B gave fans something to talk about by bringing back one of its core characters.

As a B&B fan, I’m excited about Shelia Carter’s return. She’s the main reason I started watching the show and got hooked on soaps. I didn’t know what it was about Shelia, but I was drawn to her character. I couldn’t understand why The Forresters were harsh on her, but then again at 9 years-old I wasn’t familiar with her history. But a refresher course from my mom and some research later on, made me realize why other character didn’t like Sheila.

Even though she was a villain and did horrible things, Sheila was my favorite character. She’s one of those characters that you can dislike, yet also like. Despite Sheila’s evil misdeeds, she’s tried to change, yet it always seems like she goes back to her old ways. And I believe that’s one of the reasons fans connect with Sheila. You don’t know what will happen with her. We never know what’s going to happen with Sheila. Sure, she’s always going to be portrayed as a villain, yet there’s a part of you that thinks maybe she really will change. She keeps you engaged with her actions.

I followed her journey from B&B to Y&R, and now back to B&B again. Like all B&B fans, I’m curious to see how Sheila’s return impacts The Forresters. There’s no official word on how long she’ll stay on the show, but there’s one guarantee.

There will be plenty of excitement with Sheila Carter back on the show.

Carol’s Corner

Hello Everyone.

Welcome to the first installment of Carol’s Corner. This is a segment where I’ll be answering all my fan questions.

I’m excited to begin this new blog segment and I hope you’ll enjoy reading my responses.

So, let’s get started with the very first Carol’s Corner question.

What soap opera would you compare the Westmore series to and why?

As you all know by now, I’m a soap opera fanatic. The shows were a huge inspiration behind Westmore series.

After much thinking, I realized Westmore would be a combination of The Young and the Restless along with Days of Our Lives.


The Young and the Restless

When I think of The Young and the Restless, I think of elegance and sophistication. That’s some of the elements incorporated into Westmore, especially with the Braxton family. The Braxtons are a rich family, who enjoy the fine things in life such as exquisite restaurants, fancy clothes, and jet setting across the world. They’re a literary version of The Newmans.

And just like Y&R’s Newmans, the Braxtons have experienced their share of drama.

Andrew Braxton is very much like Victor Newman. Both men have big egos and love to control those around them. They claim everything they do is to protect their family, but in reality it’s just for their personal gain. Andrew’s controlling behavior as estranged him from his kids and earned a bunch of enemies. As with Victor, Andrew needs to watch his back because he never knows who’s going to be coming for him.

Elizabeth Braxton, much like her counterpart Nikki Newman has had to deal with a tyrant husband for too many years. Elizabeth get frustrated with Andrew, often times getting into heated arguments with him.Despite the anger Elizabeth has for Andrew, deep down her love for him is strong. Sure, she’s left Andrew on a number of occasions, but the love keeps drawing them back together.

That’s the way it is with their marriage. One minute they’re arguing, the next, they’re making up.

love girl kiss boy hug

Days of Our Lives

The main reason I compare Westmore to Days of Our Lives is because it has that small town feeling. Just like soap opera setting, Westmore is a town where everybody know everyone. All the characters interact on a daily basis.

Much like Salem, Westmore is made up of an eclectic group of people. Of course you have the millionaire and big shot businessman. But you also find a bartender, rockstar, boutique owner, and college student.

Another reason for the comparison to Days of our Lives is because out of all the soap operas, Days is the one that emphasizes the family bond. On the soap opera you see the closeness of the Brady and Horton clans.

That’s one of the things I love about the show, and it’s something I teach in my books. The families in Westmore have faced their share of drama, but they never stop loving each other. No matter what trouble comes their way, nothing can break their bond.