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New Release: To Make A King

Nothing says Fall like curling up with an awesome new YA Fantasy novel. The good news? There is a new release from Kristi L. Cramer that seems like just the ticket! Be sure to follow the blog tour for more awesome features, reviews, and more for To Make a King(The Magic of Verridian Book 1).

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To Make a King is a Young Adult Fantasy in three parts.

Part One: A True Prince
Two friends discover the key to a mystery that, once unlocked, will change everything. Enemies they didn’t know they had unleash magical forces to make sure the secret never comes to light.

Part Two: To Make a King
Dark magic undermines the Crown Prince’s succession, and a young prince is encouraged to take action against his half-brother in a plot to usurp the crown. Before the sun sets on coronation day, brother will face brother and swords will be bared.

Part Three: Should Monarchs Stumble
When the new king stumbles, an old enemy is quick to take advantage, conspiring to take the kingdom by force. The king’s jester must decide whether to back the usurper, or help the king choose to be a better man.


About Kristi:

When Kristi isn’t riding her Harley or working at her “day job”, you can find her in front of her computer, hammering out exciting suspense stories for anyone willing to read them, or hanging around on social media.

While she has worked on her writing craft for +30 years, like many authors, she had to work other jobs to make ends meet. She has a strange and varied work history, having held jobs in a hotel, a car wash, an insurance company, an electronics assembly line, an auto parts warehouse, a blueberry nursery, and as a truck driver and owner of her own trucking company. She even delivered nuts and bolts around town for a fastener store/warehouse for a while as she pursued her writing career in earnest. Now she is a billing specialist for an agency that advocates for people with physical and mental disabilities.

She got married for the first time at 38, skipped being a mommy and went straight to Grandma. She says, “It worked out best for everyone that way.” It is fully her intention to go to her grave having never changed a diaper.

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Society of the L.A.M.B.


So excited to be presenting Judy DuCharme’s new release with Prism Book Group – Society of the L.A.M.B. You all may remember Judy from my recent postings about The Cheesehead Devotional. This foray in fiction is quite a bit different from the sports-themed devotional but I found myself enjoying it immensely.


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Society of the L.A.M.B.: Love. Authority. Mercy. Boldness.

In a raucous colony of those who celebrate dark desires, Josiah and other LAMBers who believe King Glory lives are hunted and imprisoned…or worse.

But hope and truth endure in the midst of total danger. After fleeing the colony, Josiah finds light and hope at his grandfather’s house, where a secret gathering of LAMBers have escaped the watchers. After learning of the power of the shout within himself, Josiah is chosen to carry the truth to others. But how can he return to the colony without being captured and put to death?

The shout cannot be denied. Josiah knows his mission.

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Ashley Somers and the Hidden Dimension

•·.·´¯`·.·••·.·´¯`·.·• New Release – It’s Live! Ashley Somers and the Hidden Dimension (Ashley Somers Book 2) by H. Lynn Bowers •·.·´¯`·.·••·.·´¯`·.·•

Sale Price: $1.99! Lasts through October!

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Ashley Somers and the Hidden Dimension is the second book in the series about a brave young girl who battles an evil witch and her demons. During her journey, Ashley discovers her own magical powers. In the Hidden Dimension, an invisible shield that blocks magic is advancing across Pargola toward Wichen. Searching for the origin of the magic shield, scouts discover that General Arred has left Baaden with an army bound to destroy all that is good. Ashley and her parents must protect the citizens of Wichen at all costs. Without magic, how can they stop the largest army Pargola has ever seen?


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Ashley Somers and the Journey to Wichen is the first book in the series!

FREE through October!

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Ashley is a young girl lost in a world of magic with an evil witch on her trail. She is befriended by three unlikely characters who vow to help her find a way to get back home. Can they make it to Wichen? Can the good people there help her? How can they escape witch Rella and her army of bloodthirsty minions? The way is long and the forest is dark, dark enough to hide anything, even a….


Amazon US: http://amzn.to/2awT5NP

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Signed Paperback: http://bit.ly/HLynnBow