A Special Christmas

Welcome Everyone to the #12DaysofChristmas challenge. Today’s story is inspired by the line, “My true love gave to me, two turtle doves.”



A Special Christmas

The six-foot tree stood elegantly in the corner of the room. Strands of colorful lights lined every branch. Pam admired the beauty of the tree, so was glad they got an artificial one. Real trees were nice, but it was a hassle cleaning up after it.

The tree belonged to her husband, Rick. He bought it five years ago when he moved into his first apartment. The tree was still in good shape, yet Pam knew eventually they’d have to trade it in for a newer one.

This was a special Christmas for Pam and Rick. Their first as a married couple, and in their new home. Plus, there would be many other things to celebrate.

Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer played in the background as Pam heard Rick lugging the boxes of ornaments up the basement steps. Rick appeared in the living room carrying two cardboard boxes. He gently set them on the coffeetable, before collapsing on the couch.

“How many ornaments are in those boxes?” asked an out of breath Rick.

“First off, there’s about a hundred ornaments.” Most of the boxes were filled with family decorations, which had been passed down through generations. “Second, they’re not that heavy.” Pam picked up one of the boxes to show how light it was.

“Yeah, well. You didn’t have to sift through the top shelves to get them.”

“Whatever you say.” Pam didn’t want to cause an argument with Rick. Not at this time of the year.

“So are you ready to get started?”

“Yes.” Pam smiled. They decorated the tree plenty of times, yet this time it was going to be special. “Before we begin, we have to add the new ornaments.”

“More?” Rick’s eyes widened. “We have more ornaments. How many do we need?”

“Well, this is our tree. We have to make it our own.”

All it took was one look into Pam’s baby blues to turn Rick into mush. “Okay, so show me the new ornaments.”

Pam retrieved the paper bag from the end table. “Some of these came from our parents.” The first ornament Pam pulled out were two snow figures dressed in scarves and hats.

“Let me guess, my mom picked this one out.” Rick knew his mother’s eclectic taste when he saw it.

“Yes.” Pam giggled. “You have to admit it is cute.”

“Yeah, it kinda is.” Rick touched the brim of the snowman’s top hat.

“Why don’t we place that one in front towards the middle.”

Rick found a spot for the snow figures and delicately placed it on a branch.

“This one came from my parents.” Pam pulled out two turtle doves, whose pose was formed into a heart. “I have to admit it’s one of my favorites.”

“It is beautiful.” A smile escaped Rick’s lips. He wasn’t the type to make a huge fuss about the holidays, but when he met Pam all that changed. She enjoyed decorating and cooking. Seeing her happy, melted Rick’s heart and got him into the holiday spirit. “Do you want me to place this one next to the snowmen?”

“Yes, please.”

Rick hung the turtle doves next to the snowmen, then stepped back to admire his handiwork.

“Wait, there’s one more.”

Pam pulled out a tissue covered ornament, then gave it to Rick. “You should open it.”

Rick pulled back the paper to reveal a baby wrapped in a blanket, wearing a Santa’s hat. It took a moment for him to register the news. “Pam, does this mean…are we…”

“We’re having a baby.” She cupped his cheek.

“You and me are going to be parents.” Rick was in awe of the news. He and Pam wanted kids, yet he didn’t imagine it’d be this soon. Sure there were some nerves, but the excitement over being a father.

“Are you excited?”

“This is the best gift ever.” He wrapped his arms around Pam and pulled her in for a kiss. “When’s our little one due?”

“Not until July, but I couldn’t resist picking up this ornament.”

“This is the perfect way to break the news.” Rick held the baby ornament in his palm as he and Pam stared at it.

Together they placed it on the tree under the couple’s ornaments.

This year it was the two of them, but next Christmas it will be three with their new baby. This was a very special Christmas.



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