Beautifully Out of Place


Bethany looked around at the lot, she fought to hold back tears at the site.

The place she enjoyed her entire childhood was now gone. Sure, she shouldn’t be torn up about it. Afterall, it was just a wooded area.

Yet, the woods provided Bethany with the serenity she needed. Whenever she was having a bad day, she’d escape to the woods. Walking the trails, listening to the birds, watching the squirrels, and enjoying the scenery; calmed her stressed mind.

Now, all that was destroyed.

The city decided the area would be perfect for a new supercenter.

“I can’t believe they destroyed nature for a shopping outlet,” Bethany sighed.

Taking in the sight of tree stumps and branches lining the dirt, Bethany’s heart ached.

The area was once bustling with trees, plants, and animals. Now it was a mess. In a few month, it’d be the home of a gigantic, brick store.

“What has the world come to?” Bethany took as seat on one of the stumps. When she learned of the plans for the supercenter, she and her organized a petition, yet nobody was interested. It’s like all they cared about was money and material goods instead of the beauty of nature.

Bethany took a deep breath. She couldn’t stand the site of the cut down trees.

Standing, she began walking back to the road when she heard a noise.

Listening closely, she followed the sound to the end of the lot. As she neared the spot, a squirrel running through the leaves. She stayed in her spot watching the squirrel, then she saw a raccoon scampering across the ground.

A smile spread across her face as she watched the woodland creatures, she was worried what happened to them. It was great to see they were staying around.

As Bethany continued observing the animals, she spotted a pink blob in the distance. Quietly, she moved closer. The pink blob turned out to be a flower. It was the only one in the dense forest.

It was amazing that this one little flower could be so beautiful in the ugliness of the destruction of the woods.

The sight brought so much happiness to her.

Maybe the beauty of nature wasn’t lost.


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