Loving/Repulsive Characters

Welcome everyone to another day of #FreeWritingChallenge.

Today’s post is a fun one. I’m to write a character that readers will love, then be repulsed by.

So what kind of crazy concoction did I come up with today?

Read on to find out.

(Word of warning. You may never look at billionaire heroes the same way again).

Seth McMillan is a suave man, who enjoys the world of finance and business. His deals have landed him a net worth of 50 million.

When he steps into a room, all eyes are on him. He’s hard to ignore with his dark hair, tan skin, and the hint of stubble is what drives women crazy.

He’s definitely a people person. He commands everyone’s attention. When the situation calls for it, he can get tough to get clients on board with his latest plan.

Yet, he also has a sensitive side. He donates a majority of his money to a variety of charities. He wants to help the world in any way he can.

Aside from charity, Seth also used his money to buy a Corvette, Ferrari, private jet, designer suits, trips to the Caribbean, and a high-rise penthouse.

Even though Seth enjoys the luxuries of life, he’s lonely. He’s seeking that special woman to settle down with. He’s been on plenty of dates, yet women seem to leave after just a month of dating.

Seth can’t seem to figure out why women are turned off by him.

He’s good-looking, rich, and caring.

So why don’t women like him?

From the outside world, Seth seems like Prince Charming. Yet, when people get a glimpse into his real life, they’ll be surprised by what they see.

When Seth isn’t busy at the office, he likes to stay at his penthouse.

At the end of the day, he comes home, slips into his boxer briefs, and lounges on the couch. Sure, he looks great with his sculpted abs and a butt that fills out those boxers. Yet, the hairy legs can be a turnoff.

Most nights, Seth likes to stretch out on the sofa to watch a football game. The coffeetable is covered with an assortment of snacks, everything from cheese nachos to chili dogs to potato skins. Seth stuffs his face with all this food, most of the time he’ll have crumbs around his mouth or land his chest hair. He likes to pick the crumbs from his body and eat them, as he says “no need in letting it go to waste.”

To wash down the food, Seth likes to chug down a few Coronas. He can go through a six-pack in a night. He can be a messy drunk, most of the time the liquor doesn’t make it to his mouth. It just sloshes on his boxers, the couch, and the carpet.

When Seth watches the big game, he cusses like a sailor. He’ll say every bad word, including the F word. If you’re watching the game with him, it’s best to wear earmuffs.

If this isn’t enough to turn you off Seth, then you should see the rest of his penthouse. The kitchen counters are usually buried with cartons and bags of junk food. As for the bedroom, his jeans and shirts are thrown all over the floor. His dresser is cluttered with cologne bottles, junk mail, and other documents.

It goes to show, the suave businessman isn’t as perfect as he appears to be.











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