Causing Trouble with A Character

We’ve all read books or watched shows with mischievous characters who love to create trouble.

I’m sure we’ve even thought about what’d it’d be like to join them in causing mayhem.

So which character would I choose to stir trouble with?

That depends on the kind of chaos I want to cause.

If I’m going to do something harmless like go out clubbing, get drunk, then drunk dial someone, I’d choose Penny from The Big Bang Theory.


Sure, she may not seem like a troublesome character. But if you’ve ever seen an episode where she and the other girls go out, you know they can get wild.

I’m kind of shy and reserved like Amy, yet after a night out with Penny, I know I’d be cutting loose and getting into trouble with the blonde cutie.

Now, there’s another different kind of trouble. The kind where you cause destruction all over town.

For that type of trouble, I’d choose a comic book villain.

I think Catwoman or The Joker would be a good choice. I’ve seen the trouble they cause to Gotham, so there’s no telling what we could do together in my own town.


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