Days of the Week

After taking a break for Thanksgiving, I’m finally getting caught up on my #FreeWritingChallenge posts.

Today’s topic is a fun one. I have to write about the days of the week as if they’re a person.



Rubbing his eyes, Randy begrudgingly get out of bed. Walking into the kitchen, he presses the button to start the coffee. He’s going to need all the java I can get to muster through the day.

He then proceeds to the bathroom, where I hop in the shower. The warm water soothes my aching muscles and helps woke him from the groggy state.

Drying off, Randy dresses in jeans and a plaid shirt. He then head back into the kitchen to pour coffee into the travel mug. He grabs a banana from the fruit bowl. He doesn’t have time to eat a full breakfast today. He eats the fruit, then toss the peel into the trash.

Randy put on his coat, then grab the keys and mug. As he heads out to the truck, he reminds himself it’s only six hours of work today. To some it may seem short, but standing on your feet all day it feels like forever.

Randy’s job isn’t the best in the world, but as a working person you have to do what you can to make money.



A fresh batch of blueberry muffins rest on the kitchen island. Mary wipes her hands on the apron before mixing the next batch of muffins. These are chocolate chip.

A few of the muffins will be for the children’s breakfast, the others will go to the school’s bake sale.

As a housewife, Mary has a lot of chores to do. From cooking, cleaning, and taking care of the kids; Mary’s a busy woman.

Despite the stress, Mary makes sure to have a smile on her face.

Why look on the negativity in life? Focus on the positivity.

That was her motto.

The sound of footsteps above indicate the children are awake. A few seconds later, she hears her daughters arguing over the use of the bathroom.

Mary hollars, that it’s Kristy’s turn to use it first. Hannah will have to wait her turn.

She hears Hannah tromp back to her room. Mary, then turns her attention back to the muffins.



Seth sat at his desk. With the headset situated on top of his head, his fingers begin typing in the order for a new cell phone case. After confirming the order, Seth asks if they have any other questions.

The customer thanks Seth for his service before hanging up.

Seth disconnects the call and patiently waits for the next customer to ring.

Looking around the cubicles, Seth notices the silence.

Guess not many customers are calling today.

This was the way it was working as a customer service representative for a tech company. Some days it was busy with the phones working nonstop, others it was quiet.

Customer service wasn’t the ideal job for Seth. Sitting at a desk all day, listening to customers’ inquiries and complaints, wasn’t for Seth. He’d rather do something usual with his time.

Glancing around at his bored co-workers, he noticed they were preoccupying their time while waiting for their next customers.

One girl was reading a fashion magazine, while a guy was playing solitaire on his computer.

There wasn’t any calls coming in on Seth’s line and there was no telling when there would be more.

Pulling a memory stick from his pocket, Seth inserted it into the USB port. Opening the word document app, Seth uploaded the sci-fi story he’d been working on.

Writing was his real passion, in his free time he’d work on his story.

He dreamed that this story would help him make the big time, then maybe he’d be able to quit his day job.



Decked out in blue polka dot pajamas, Amy curled up on the couch.

A bowl of Ramen noodles along with a cup of Mountain Dew set on the couch.

Amy threw the fleece blanket over her legs. Today, she’d be staying in.

She was supposed to have math class today, but she decided to play hooky.

Technically, she wasn’t playing hooky. She really wasn’t feeling that well. Her sinuses were acting up.

She figured instead of going to class and distracting everyone with her sneezing, she’d stay home to rest.

Grabbing the remote, Amy turned on the TV to watch the latest drama on Maury.

Slurping on the noodles, Amy watched as a couple fought over the lie detector results.

What a good way to spend the day off.



Dressed to impress in black leather pants and silver sequence tank, Tiffany prepared to hit the dance clubs.

All week long she’d been anticipating this night. Her friends told her this was the hottest, new nightclub in town. All the single guys hung out there.

Maybe I’ll find my Mr. Right.

Tiffany fluffed her blonde hair, then checked her makeup in the compact mirror.

Satisfied with her look, Tiffany walked up the sidewalk.

She spotted Chelsea and Hayley up ahead.

Tiffany caught up with her friends; they took a moment to admire each other’s outfits before proceeding inside the club.

Lady Gaga played on the speakers as the girls made their way to the bar. Tiffany looked around the dancefloor at people break dancing and waving glowsticks.

Tiffany ordered a round of martinis for her friends.

As she sipped on her drink, she felt eyes watching her. Turning to the left, she spotted a dark-haired man drinking a beer and staring at her.

He flashed a dazzling smile her way, and Tiffany returned the gesture.

The handsome man walked towards Tiffany.

“Hi, I’m Greg.”

“Tiffany.” She ate the olive as she winked at Greg.

“Would you care to dance?”

“I’d love to.” Tiffany set the glass on the bar, then allowed Greg to lead her to the dancefloor.




Panting, Justin continued up the dirt path. Needing a break, he rested against the large redwood tree. He pulled a water bottle from his backpack.

The cool refreshment calmed his heavy breathing. Looking around, he admired the trees, greenery, and pink flowers lining the pathway.

You can’t find scenes like this in the city.

Even though Justin loved being close to all the establishments in the city, the country is what he loved the most. Every weekend, he’d get out of the city to go explore the beauty of the countryside.

Today, he was walking the HighPoint Trail. One of the best hiking trails in the county. It lived up to it’s name.

The nature of the trees and plants were beautiful. Then there were the squirrels and deer he came across along his walk.

Being out in the country allowed him to stretch his legs and clear his mind. The stress of work got to him, yet when he was out in the country he was able to relax.

This was more his element. It made him contemplate that maybe one day, he could move to the country.  Yet, that was a big decision he’d have to think long and hard about.

Stretching, he geared up to continue his hike up the trail.

Only a few more miles to go.



Beatrice laid out her clothes for tomorrow. She had a black skirt, white blouse, and blazer all picked out. Then she thought maybe the pink knit sweater would look better. Holding the sweater next to the skirt, she eyed it carefully before vetoing the outfit.

After picking out the outfit, Beatrice made sure she had the documents and other supplies secured in her briefcase.

Once the outfit was chosen and the briefcase packed, Beatrice went to the bathroom. She brushed her teeth, then hopped in the shower.

Stepping out, Beatrice dried her hair then slipped into the cotton nightgown and terrycloth robe.

She curled in bed to read one of her favorite inspirational romance novels.

With her eyes getting heavy, Beatrice set the book on the nightstand. Beatrice turned off the light, then settled in for a good night’s sleep. She’d need plenty of rest for work tomorrow.




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