Monsters Under My Bed

It happened one year ago. I still remember every detail.

It was eleven at night. I had changed into my pajamas, brushed my teeth, and crawled into bed. I was having a rough day, a good night’s sleep would do me some good.

I was suffering from a terrible bout of writer’s block. Nothing I did could help break my slump.

Fluffing my pillow, I laid my head down to rest. Maybe sleep would assist in renewing my creativity.

Closing my eyes, I awaited for sleep to overcome me, when I was awakened by a sound. My eyes shot open, searching for the source.


I chalked the sound up to the house settling or the furnace kicking in.

Shrugging it off, I again tried to sleep. I felt drowsiness coming, when all of a sudden the bed moved. Sitting up in bed, I turned on the light to look around.

Again nothing.

Everything looked normal.

Maybe it was my overactive imagination.

I was about to turn off the lamp, when I heard what sounded like someone talking. Leaning down closer, the noise came from under the bed.


“What the heck?”

My heart raced as fear kicked in. Did someone break in to my home? Are they going to hurt me?

I needed to protect myself. Opening the middle drawer, I pulled out the large Maglite flashlight. The would help against the intruders. Stretching across the mattress, I reached under the bed.

I began swinging the flashlight everywhere, hoping to hit something, yet all I got was air. All of a sudden, there was a thud, followed by an “ouch.”

The voice sounded childlike.

Okay, now I’m really confused.

“That hurt,” the childlike voice answered.

“Silly humans,” came another voice, this one female.

Fear was now replaced by curiosity. Jumping out of bed, I pulled up the covers to reveal two furry creatures under my bed. They were small and furry, reminded me of something you’d see in a Disney movie.

The one on the right had pink fur, with a purple bow on the top of her head. The one on the left was white, with shades of purple and blue mixed into his fur. Both of them had the biggest brown eyes I’d ever seen.

Upon seeing each other, all three of us let out a scream.

I reached for the Maglite and backed up against the wall as the creatures came out.

“Don’t be alarmed,” the pink one spoke.

She must be the female, I deduced.

“We didn’t mean to scare you,” the white create replied.

Despite the fear, my breathing was calm. “Who are you?”

“Allow us to introduce ourselves.” The pink creature moved closer. “I’m Crea. This is my brother, Tivity.”


“Um—nice—to meet you.” Really? I’ve got two monsters in my room and that’s the only thing I can say. “Why are you here?” My rationality was coming back.

“We’re here to help you.” Tivity walked closer to Crea. “You see, we’re not your average monsters.”

I assumed that much. I had to admit they were kinda cute, even though they did startle me.

“We’re creativity monsters,” Crea pulled a notebook from behind her back. “Tivity and I have been watching you for a while.”

“When we learned you had the writer’s block, we knew we had to come.” Tivity plopped his butt down on the hardwood floor.

“That’s the reason for our visit.” Crea joined Tivity on the floor. “We’ve come to help rejuvenate your imagination.”

I placed my head in my hands, trying to come to grips with what was happening. “How are you going to help with my writing?”

“That’s easy.” Crea flipped open the notebook. “We come up with a list of prompts.”


“These prompts will help kickstart your creativity.”

“I’ve tried those. They don’t work.”

“But, they don’t have the magic touch like we do.” Tivity rubbed his paws together.

“He really does mean magic.” Crea nodded.

“Wait.” I rubbed my forehead, thinking this is all a dream. Any minute now, I’ll wake up. “You’re saying, you’re magical monsters, who help creativity.

“Yes,” they said in unison.

Scooting forward I stared at them. Carefully, with my hand I reached out to pet them. Their fur was as soft as a blanket. Removing my hand, I looked at myself. I pinched myself, thinking that’d wake me up from my strange dream.

“Ouch,” I screamed.

“Now, you know how I felt with the flashlight.” Tivity shook his head.

“You guys are actually real.”

“That’s what we’ve been trying to tell you.” Like her brother, Crea became exasperated by my skepticism.

“You’re going to help me write a story.”

“Yes, by providing you with ideas.”

I felt like I was losing my mind. If anybody knew I was receiving writing advice from magical monsters, they’d think I was crazy.

“I believe this is too much for the poor girl,” Tivity turned to Crea.

“I concur.” Crea helped Tivity from the floor. “Come, my dear.” Crea and Tivity took me by the hands. Leading me to the bed, they tucked me in.

“Don’t worry.” Crea fluffed my pillow. “Tomorrow, you’ll wake up refreshed and ready to write.”

With those final words, I dozed off.


The next morning awake, a feeling of rejuvenation washed over me. It was a new day and I was ready to write. Then my dream from last night entered my mind. It was weird and cute at the same time.

To think there are monsters out there to help with creativity was ridiculous.

As I started to get out of bed, I noticed a piece of paper. The handwriting wasn’t mine, it was way to neat to be.

The paper had a list of words written on it, but it was the last words at the bottom that grabbed my attention.

Good luck with your writing.

Crea & Tivity

Holding the paper in my hands, I began to realize that maybe last night wasn’t a dream.


A few times after that incident, Crea and Tivity continued to visit. Mostly on days when I was having trouble with writing. As promised, they’d have a list of ideas for me when I woke up.

With their help, I was able to publish my first story. Now, I was working on my second one. Yet, at times it was tough to work on. No matter what, Crea and Tivity always came through.

That night, I went to bed confident Crea and Tivity were looking after me. I was awakened later in the evening by a bump on my nightstand.

Opening my eyes, I saw the pink and white furballs disappear underneath the bed.

“Thanks guys,” I whispered as they left.

“You’re welcome,” they replied together.

I was eager to take a peek at the note, yet as I reached out, Crea called out.

“Go to sleep, young lady.”

“Yes, Crea.” I laid my head back on the pillow. Crea was right. Writing could wait until the morning, sleep was more important at the moment.









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