Countdown to Hawaii

Welcome to day 3 of #FreeWritingChallenge

So far JC Wing has came up with some creative ideas for this challenge and today’s is a unique one. For this post, I have to write a story that involves a countdown that starts with 10 and ends at 0. For my story, I wrote a chick-lit/romance story about two friends taking a trip to Hawaii.

I had fun writing this story and I’m now considering turning it into a full-fledged book.

Hope you enjoy my countdown story.

10. Tomorrow is the day.

It would being Erica’s week long vacation in Hawaii.

It was a dream of hers to visit the tropical paradise.

When her bestie, Genevieve gave her the tickets for her 30th birthday, Erica fainted.

Genevieve thought Erica was long due for a vacation. Working at a public relations firm, dealing with high-maintenance clients caused stress for Erica. She worked nonstop, yet for one week she’d be relaxing on a beach.


9. Erica and Genevieve browsed the racks of JCPenney, looking for new clothes to take on their trip.

Erica stocked up on a hat, couple of tee shirts, and skirt. Genevieve meanwhile had a tote along with a few maxi dresses.

Their next stop on the shopping spree included the swimsuit section.

Erica tried on a coral bikini, while Genevieve waited impatiently outside. A bang on the dressing room door, startled Erica.

“While we’re young.” Genevieve ordered.

Erica opened the door to find Genevieve in a black one-piece. Unlike Erica, Genevieve looked flawless.

Genevieve whistled. “Girl, you look gorgeous.”

“I do not.” Erica folded her arms across her midsection.

“Are you kidding?” Genevieve arched her eyebrows. “I’d kill to have your body.”

Even though Erica kept a workout regime, she still felt self-conscious about her looks. Most women would be envious to have a flat stomach and muscular arms, but not Erica. If anything, she’d love to have a voluptuous figure like Genevieve’s.

“Look at yourself.” Genevieve ushered her to a mirror. “That color is you.”

Erica had to admit, the bikini did look good on her.

“You’ve got a couple of fans watching you.” Genevieve motioned across the store, where a group of college boys were staring.

“They’re not staring at me. They’re looking at you.”

“Let’s see, shall we?” Genevieve walked away. One of the guys followed Genevieve’s every move, while the other two men stayed glued to Erica.

A smile perked Erica’s face. This was the swimsuit for her.

8. Following their shopping excursion, Erica and Genevieve stopped for lunch at their favorite Italian restaurant.

As Erica finished the last of the fettuccine, Genevieve rattled off a list of activities for their trip. Genevieve already mapped out the local souvenir shops, now she was talking about adventures they could take.

Erica agreed to surfing, helicopter tour of the island, and ziplining. However, she vetoed the idea of swimming with sharks.

“They also have a lot of bars on the island. You know what that means?”

“Lots of tropical drinks.”

“Yes, but there’s other things.”

Erica chewed on the pasta, thinking what else there was at a bar.

“Single guys,” Genevieve said in a giddy tone.

“No way.” Erica didn’t like when Genevieve mentioned the topic of men.

“Come on girl.”

“My answer is no.”

“When was the last time you went out on a date?”

Erica thought about the question. The answer would be over a year ago. There was Peter, a guy she met at a speed dating event. They went out for a couple of weeks before realizing it wasn’t going to work. With Erica’s busy scheduled, she didn’t think she’d have time for dating.

“If it take you a while to think, that means it’s been too long.” Genevieve sipped on her soda. “Erica, we need to find you some lovin’.”


“Don’t argue with me. It’s my mission to find you a man.” Genevieve’s focus returned to the phone. “Maybe we’ll find you one in Hawaii.


7. After lunch, Genevieve dropped Erica off at her house.

Erica dropped the shopping bags onto the bed, then retrieved her suitcase from the closet.

She cut the tags off the new clothes, then began folding them. Seeing all the items spread on the bed, Erica planned how to fit them all in the case.

A week didn’t seem that long, but to Erica it did. She made to sure to have outfits for every occasion.

There was the bikini for the beach, shorts and shirts for outdoor adventures, and dresses for hitting the restaurants.

Thinking about their conversation earlier, Erica decided to pack a couple of more dresses. Who knew? Maybe one of the outfits would capture the attention of Mr. Right.

6. Erica finished packing her suitcase, then went over the checklist.

All the items were packed in the bags. She also called to have the newspaper and mail stopped. Her dad would stop by to check on the house.

Everything seemed to be taken care of.

All Erica had to do now was relax.

With a few hours to kill before bedtime, she soaked in a warm, bubble bath. A glass of wine was at her disposal as the water eased the tension she had.

Even though she was excited about the trip, her talk with Genevieve put things into perspective.

Maybe I do work to hard? That seems to be the only thing going for me in life. I don’t get out much. Heck, it’s been ages since I went out on a date.

Erica was reaching the age, where marriage and kids entered her mind.

When she was younger, she thought about the two. Yet, as she got older and her job took over, marriage and children took a backburner. She wondered if it was even possible in her life.

The first thing she had to do was find the man of her dreams.

Maybe Hawaii would bring some much needed romance into her life.


5. Changing into a white, cotton nightgown, Erica dried her hair before slipping under the fluffy comforter.

In a few hours, she’d be waking up, heading to the airport.

She double-checked to make sure the alarm clock was set. She also checked the alarm on the iPhone just in case.

Nothing was going to stop her from going to Hawaii. This was the trip of a lifetime.

4. Erica rolled onto her side.

The red digits indicated an hour had passed since she got into bed.

Usually, she’d fall asleep once her head hit the pillow.

She didn’t know why she was awake.

Maybe it was the wine? Or maybe it was the excitement?

Either way, she needed sleep to be refreshed for the trip.

Staring up at the ceiling, she wondered how she was going to get to sleep.

There was one trick that worked when she was a child. It was silly, but at this point she’d be willing to try anything.

3. Erica made it to the twentieth sheep before feeling her eyelids getting heavy.

It’s working.

She continued counting as the drowsiness overcame her.

Before she knew it, she was drifting off into a peaceful slumber.

2. Erica’s feet dipped into the warm sand as she strolled the beach.

She’d officially arrived in paradise and couldn’t wait.

Genevieve was walking far ahead, ready to start the surfing lessons.

Erica trailed behind, picking up shells and rocks to add to her collection.

As she searched for seashells, she felt eyes on her. Looking up, she spotted a man with sandy, blonde hair. He was male model material, with his sculpted abs, muscular arms, and black swim trunks that dipped below his hip line.

“Erica, are you coming?” Genevieve called.

“Be right there.” Erica took her eyes off the stranger, then walked towards her friend.

Erica stood, watching Genevieve swim out to the ocean. She cheered Genevieve on as she attempted surfing. Erica patiently waited her turn. She waited to see how Genevieve did first.

Suddenly, she sensed someone behind her.

Turning around, she found the handsome stranger.

“I’ve been watching you all day.” He caressed her cheek. “You’re the most beautiful woman I’ve ever seen.”

Taking her in his arms, his lips moved closer to her mouth…


1. The alarm sounded, causing Erica to jolt awake.

She cursed the clock for waking her out of a wonderful dream.

Getting out of bed, she began to dress. Genevieve would be here any minute.

Knowing Genevieve, Erica predicted she’d be here ahead of scheduled.

Dressing in a pair of jeans, gray shirt, and black blazer; Erica looked at herself in the mirror. This outfit would be stylish and comfortable enough for the flight.

As she put on a pair of brown leather sandals, she thought about the dream.

She chalked it up to her the guy talk she had with Genevieve. Erica’s subconscious was playing with her mind.

Yet, a gut feeling told her not to be too quick to brush the dream off.

0.Genevieve helped load Erica’s bags into the back of the SUV.

After making sure they had everything, Genevieve started the car.

Erica sipped on the Starbucks espresso Genevieve bought for her. The java is just what she needed to start the morning.

“This is going to be a memorable trip,” Genevieve announced as she pulled out of the driveway.

“I believe you’re right,” Erica replied as the dream kept replaying in her head.


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