How I listen to music

Music is a big part of my writing process.

Whenever I sit down to write, I turn on some music to get my creativity going.

There’s many different ways I listen to music.

The number one way is YouTube.


I’ll go to the site, type in my favorite artists and let the music flow from the speakers.

I also use Pandora for my music listening. Sometimes I’ll listen to the stations on the computer. But a majority of the time, I just plug the headphones into my phone and listen through the Pandora app.

If nobody else is in the house, I’ll listen to music through my speakers. But if I have people in the house, I’ll put in my earbuds so I can drown out all the noise.

I like to listen to music both way, although I may have a preference more towards the earbuds.


As I’m gearing up to work on new projects, I’ll be listening to music to help me get through the story. Now, the only question is what to listen to?

I think I’ll listen to rock, that always seems to help me write.


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