My Writing Alter Ego

Welcome Everyone!

Today, I bring you another question for Carol’s Corner. This is a very interesting question, it’s about my writing alter ego.

If you had an alter ego, and that alter ego was a writer, what would she write about and how different would it be from your current works and genres?

It’s only fitting that my alter ego would also be writer like I am. We’re both creative persons, we love turn out stories that will grab the reader’s attention.

With me, I write sweet, romance stories. Of course, there’s drama in the books, but at the end everyone gets their happily ever after.


However, my alter ego is the opposite.

She writes mostly crime/horror stories. She’s an aficionado when it comes to the stuff. Her stories get her compared to Stephen King and James Patterson.

Since she’s a crime and horror author, there’s going to be some graphic scenes. My alter ego isn’t afraid to go all out. She’ll make the scenes as gruesome as she can.

If I were to describe her books, I’d say think of an episode of Criminal Minds, Dexter, and Snapped all rolled into one.

Yes, that’s how gruesome they are.


Now, I must give you a few warnings about my writing alter ego.

  1. Don’t ever make her angry, or else you may find yourself as the victim in her next book.
  2. Make sure to have the lights on when you read her books. In fact, you may never be able to sleep again after reading her stories.

So now that I’ve given you a glimpse into her writing, it’s time for you to check out her books.

Enter at your own risk.

filmeditor scared scream friday the 13th frightened


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