Favorite Inspirational Quote

One of my favorite inspirational quotes is one from Eleanor Roosevelt about pursuing dreams.


I came across this quote years ago. If I recall correctly, I believe I had a journal with the quote on it. I have the journal packed away somewhere in my house, so I need to dig through the totes to find it.

Anyway, this quote stuck out to me because I’m a firm believer in following your dreams. To me this quote evokes the importance of following your dreams. It also speaks about having the self-confidence to pursue your goals.

I think some people, including myself may be fearful in taking a big step in pursuing our dreams. But in order to obtain our goals, we have to have the confidence to take the first step in making the dream come true.

Whenever I hit a rough patch in life or I feel like giving up on my dream. I just read this quote as a boost of inspiration.


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