How I Picture My Muse?


For day 6 of #PNIWritingChallenge the topic is how do I picture my muse.

That’s a tough topic to write, but I have to be honest I would picture my muse the way I envision them in my head.

Does that make sense?

Of course, I like to picture what celebs I would like to cast in case my books are ever made into a movie. (Hopefully, one day Hollywood will come calling).

Anyway, with my characters I like to create them the way I see fit. I usually write their appearances when the ideas first pop into my head or while I’m writing the story. There have been some characters where I’ve had their appearance already envisioned, yet once I started writing the story I changed it.

With my characters, I try to use descriptions that are different from characters you’ll find in other books. Although, sometimes the characters do bear a similar resemblance to other characters. For instance, one of the males in my books has a strong physique, dark hair, and wears suits. Of course, odds are you’ll find this type of character in any type of book. But with characters, I try to make them stand out both physically and personality wise.

One example is most of the male characters in my books, especially the younger ones; tend to have a smartass attitude. They say things without a care in the world, although it does earn them a head slap from their women.

One of the things I like about my characters is how they’re a mix of older and younger people. Each one has a unique appearance and personality that makes them stick out.


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