My Recent Manuscript

Throughout my writing career, I’ve finished a lot of manuscripts.

My most recent manuscript is volume 7 in the Westmore series. I’ve finished the story, but I’m still in the midst of editing.

So yes, it’s still in the rough draft stages.


This is a problem that not only that I face, but I’m sure other authors do.

Writing the story is easy. You just type the words that pop into your mind.

However, when it comes to editing, well let’s just say it’s not pretty.

I admit my grammar isn’t the best. I tend to make mistakes. I’ve been taking workshop lessons to help me improve my writing. Even now, when I look back at my previous work, I cringe at the typos and errors.

As for Westmore 7, I finished it last year, but since then it hasn’t been touched. The last year has been rough. I’ve had to deal with working at my other jobs, plus there was some family drama. The stress of everything happening all at once got me into a depressed mood, where I didn’t feel like writing at all.

Things have sort of calmed down a bit, and now I’m ready to get started on writing again. The first thing on my list is to get Westmore 7 published.

It’s been sitting on the shelves too long, so it’s time I open it back up. Even though, I’m anxious to get it published, I have to remind myself to take my time. I want to make sure everything’s perfect and there are no mistakes.

So wish me luck with the revision.



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