Writing/Meditation Area

My writing/meditation area is located in my bedroom.

I live in an apartment and my room is located in the back. I love the space because it’s my own little sanctuary. The place I go to when I need an escape.

For the most part, it’s quiet back there. Although, every once in a while I will have someone come back there to distract me. Plus, I’ll either have my dog or one of my cats come into the room. My dog Leah, she’ll come back there when I’m working. She’ll lay in the floor and look up at me with her eyes, it’s almost like she’s telling me to concentrate on work.

As for Pudding and Missy, they’ll usually lay beside my chair. Although, there are times when they hop into my lap or onto my desk.

Speaking of my desk, here’s a picture of it. I try to keep it tidy, although the occasional stack of papers or other junk gets tossed on it.


I’m not going to show you the rest of my room because it’s a bit messy, but I am in the middle of organizing it.

My room may not be much, but it’s a place I like to retreat. I love to go back there to write or just meditate.

Speaking of meditation, it’s time I start doing it again. It’s been hectic around my house and I’ve been under stress, so it’s time to clear my mind.

See everyone in a little while.



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