The Age of the Smartphone


If you were to mention the word telephone to anyone these days, automatically the first thing people would think of is smartphones.

Smartphones have overtaken the world. There’s no longer any use for landline phones, although I’m sure there’s quite a few people who still have them.

I remember when cell phones were first introduced; people were going crazy over them. It was a good idea to have a cell phone because you never knew when an emergency would occur and you’d have to get in touch with somebody. Having a cell phone made it easy to call a person instead of having to scramble to find a payphone or borrow someone else’s.

But as times changed so did technology.

Now, thanks to the use of cell phones or smartphones, we can surf the web, check our email, social network, and play games.

With all these apps and the ability to surf the web, hardly anybody uses telephones for calls anymore. I admit I may be one of those people. Of course, I get calls and texts every day. But a majority of the time, I’m using my phone to play games or check my social media accounts.

The problem is I’m too focused on my phone a majority of the time to concentrate on anything else. That’s why when I’m working; I try not to have my phone nearby. If I do, odds are I’ll procrastinate by playing Candy Crush or checking my email.

That’s the pros and cons with smartphones.

They’re good to have if you’re on the go, but then you can become too addicted to it.


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