I love snow

I love snow!

My favorite season is winter when the weather turns cold and there’s a chance of snow.


My fondest childhood memories is playing in the snow with my brothers. We’d get excited whenever we had a snow day. Once we learned school was closed, we’d go outside to play. We’d spend hours sledding down the hills, making snow angels, or throwing snowballs.

Now, that I’m older I don’t play much in it any more. I like to get out and walk around to take pictures. But as for making snow angels or snowmen, those days are gone, for now.

With the area I live in, winter weather can be hit or miss with us. There have been years where we hardly get anything, except for a little dusting. Then we’ve had a couple of blizzards dump a foot of snow.


Last year, our winter was warm. To give you a visual, in December I was still wearing capris. Then when January rolled around it got colder, and that’s when we had about 8 inches of snow from a winter storm. That was pretty much the only snow we got last year.

With winter coming up soon, I hope we’ll have lots of snow this year. If we do, you can expect more pictures like these.


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