Question for my Favorite Author


If your favorite author appeared in front of you, what’s your first question?

One day I dream about meeting one of my favorite authors. I’m not going to mention which one I used for this post because I have a long list of authors that I love.

If I were to meet one of my favorite authors, I’d be both excited and nervous. Then after getting over my initial shock at seeing them, I think my first question would be about their next book.

Sure, it’s a lame question that gets asked a lot. But as fans we’re all curious about what projects the authors are working on. We love their books and we’re anxious to read the

Plus, I think this question can help authors. If they’re going through writer’s block, then knowing fans love their books could be the motivation to get the creativity going again.

What would be the first question you’d ask your favorite author?



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