Profiling one of my Characters

Happy Friday everyone!

Today’s post for the #AuthorsBlogChallenge is profiling one of my characters.

There’s so many characters I could profile, but I choose to concentrate on Andrew Braxton from Westmore.


Andrew is the CEO of a publishing company. He lives a rich lifestyle with a mansion, fancy car, private jet, and anything he wants. He lives in this lap of luxury with his wife, Elizabeth. They have three children, daughters Courtney and Leslie, and son Wayne. Rounding out the Braxton family tree is Andrew’s brother Jeff, and Jeff’s wife Marie.

Andrew considered the villain of the Westmore series. For anyone who’s read the series, they know what kind of evil deeds Andrew is up to.

I won’t mention everything he’s done; I don’t want to ruin the surprise. But I will say that his actions have cost him his family.

In a previous post, I compared Andrew to the famed soap opera character, Victor Newman.

Andrew is also a businessman, who tends to put business ahead of his family. Just like Victor, whenever Andrew pulls a heinous act, he claims it’s for the good of the family. Another reason Andrew is like Victor is because they both tend to put themselves first ahead of anybody else.

Even though, there are a lot of comparisons between the two, I have to say Andrew is a bit tamer than Victor. Andrew’s misdeeds are nowhere near as bad as Victor’s.

With Andrew, even though he’s a villain at times you feel sorry for him. When the family turns their backs on him, that’s when you start to have a soft spot for him. Of course, you’re angry with Andrew for what he did, but at the same time you feel bad that he’s all alone.

During the series, you get a glimpse into Andrew’s life growing up as a Braxton and realize how his father’s behavior played a role in shaping Andrew into the man he is.

Andrew is one of those characters who you want to hate, but at the same time you love him. He’s one of the characters that you’ll be intrigued from the very beginning of the book til the end. You’ll be guessing his every move, wondering if he’s sincere in his motives or playing everyone.



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