Puppies or Kittens

It’s time to answer the age old question of puppies or kittens.

After much consideration, I’ve made my decision.

My answer is: I love both.

There’s no way I can choose one over the other. Look at them, they’re so adorable that it would be hard to decide.

I have both dogs and cats. Not only are they as cute as can be, but their personalities are unique. It’s fun to watch them to see how different they are.

My dogs they’re very attentive. They love to follow me around, then cuddle next to me. When I’m distracted, they’ll rub up against to get my attention. Even though my dogs are cute, they do have a their protective side. Whenever someone comes to the house, my dogs will bark at the person until we get them to calm down.

As for my cats, they’re a different story.They’re more independent. With Pudding and Missy, they’ll go sneaking off to the other room just so they can be alone. In this crazy household, I couldn’t blame them for wanting some peace and quiet. Although, they’re independent, they have moments where they like to curl up on my lap.

My babies are getting on up in age, as the years pass they’ve started to get a bit lazier. Although, they still have their moments where they get playful.

I never would’ve imagined I would have both dogs and cats, but I’m thankful for all 5 of my fur babies.

Now, that you’ve read about my fur babies, it’s time for you to share.

Do you prefer puppies or kittens?


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