Something I should do every day

We all have that one task that we should every day, but we don’t do it.

For me, it’s exercise.


I’m overweight and I know I need to shed some pounds.

I used to be good about exercising. Last year, I started getting more active by doing yoga, aerobics, and walking.

Every evening, I’d work up a sweat. After my workout, I felt good. I felt happy that I was taking a healthy step in my life.

Then I had some drama that ensued in my life and that got me into a depressed state. For the past few months, I’ve been lazy.  All I’ve done is sit on my butt, just watching TV or doing something useless like playing on my phone.

I’ve noticed I’ve gained back the weight I lost. I’ve now realized it’s time I get off my butt and get active again. So I’ve decided I’m going to try to exercise at least every day. Since it’s been a while since I exercised, I figured I’d start out slow. Maybe do 15 minutes a day, then gradually work my way up to working out an hour a day.

Wish me luck as I begin my exercise regime.



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