My Bathroom

Today’s post is about describing my bathroom.

Don’t worry, I’m not going to show any pictures because I’m sure nobody wants to see it. Plus, my bathroom is a cluttered mess.

Anywho, I live in an apartment and we have only 1 bathroom. With three people living here, it can be tough sharing the bathroom.

The bathroom is a decent size; of course it has the tub, toilet, and sink, which you’d find in every bathroom.

As I mentioned, we are a bit cluttered. Our sink countertop is filled with towels, toothbrush holder, lotion bottles, plus other beauty products. As for our cabinets, they’re also cluttered. If you open them, then aspirin bottles, band aid packages, and other stuff will drop out.

It seems like no matter how much I try to organize, the bathroom always ends up messy again.

I’m hoping the next place we live will have two bathrooms and we are able to keep it more organized.

Maybe something like this:



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