If Looks Could Resurrect

Today’s topic for #AKwritingChallenge is an interesting one.

If looks could resurrect, who would you choose.

This was a hard topic to write about and there’s so many people I’d love to have back. But the person I would choose is my great aunt Shirley.


My mom on the left and Shirley on the right in the recliner.


Shirley is my grandmother’s sister; those two were something else when they were together. My grandma is more hyper and worries about stuff, while Shirley had a more relaxed demeanor.

One of my favorite moments is when my brother John was driving grandma and Shirley around town in Greensboro. Shirley was in the front seat, while grandma was in the back. Grandma was freaking out because John was driving too fast on the highway, Shirley told grandma to relax and just go with the flow.

My fondest memories are when Shirley used to come up for the weekend to visit. We’d do different stuff when we were with her. We’d like to go shopping, there was a JCPenney outlet mall in Martinsville that she loved to go to. Other times, we’d get pizzas and just sit around talking. Then later we’d gather around the table to play UNO, with the girls teaming up against the guys.

Shirley passed away in 2007 and it was a shock because it happened all of a sudden. We weren’t expecting it. Her death hit us hard and I still think about her often.

Shirley knew how to keep everybody in line and was the voice of reason in our family. It’s times like this now, where I wish she was here to help.


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