My First Paying Job

For today’s #AKwritingChallenge post, I’m going to be talking about my first paying job.

As I’ve mentioned before, I work at home and I have several jobs to help implement my income. My very first work at home job was for a site called Microworkers.


It’s a short task site, where you get paid to do certain jobs such as researching a website, posting on social media, forum posting, commenting on blogs, and all sorts of other miscellaneous stuff.

The tasks were simple to do, it only took a couple of minutes to complete. The only downside is the pay was low. Depending on the task, I could get paid anywhere from 5 to 50 cents.


Sure, it wasn’t the best job I had. But during that time, I was just starting out and looking for any work I could get.

I was willing to take a few cents over nothing. Even though the work wasn’t that glamorous, over time the more tasks I did, the more my money increased. It became a huge addition to my income.


Although, I do other freelance work that keeps me busy, I also do occasionally tasks for Microworkers. Because one thing I’ve learned about being a freelance is it’s best to have a lot of optional work in case one job doesn’t work out.

What was your first paying job?


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