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Happy Friday!

You know what today is.

Another installment of Authors Blog Challenge. I hope you’ve enjoyed all my posts so far and I’ve still got a lot more to come.


Today’s post is about my recent book.

I have to admit I haven’t published anything since 2015. Between my freelancing jobs and some personal drama I haven’t wrote much. I’ve been in a writing funk so to speak.

My most recent book that I published is Westmore: New Beginnings. For those of you who aren’t familiar with the series, I’ll give you a brief recap.


The Westmore series is what I describe as a literary soap opera. The books take place in a small town and follows the lives of three families.

The Greens

The Greens is a family consisting of widowed matriarch Charlotte, who vowed never to date again following the death of her husband. That is until an incident brings her and Detective Jim Bryant closer together.

Jack is the oldest of Charlotte’s children. He works as a bartender, yet longs to do something more with his life. While he’s successful in his professional life, his personal life is a mess.

Scott is a rockstar, who longs to hit the big top in the music industry. Despite some bumps along the way, he can count on the support of his girlfriend, Melissa.

Alicia is a musician like her brother, Scott. Yet, a tragedy forces Alicia to give up her passion. But soon she finds a new career along with a new man.

Peter is the youngest son, who returns home after a long absence. Upon his return, he brings home his older girlfriend, Zoey. After settling in town, trouble brews for the couple and they find themselves seeking comfort from other people.

The Braxtons

They’re the rich family in town. Andrew is a publishing billionaire, who rules his business and household with an iron fist. His controlling behavior has already driven away his daughters, Courtney and Leslie. His wife, Elizabeth is at her breaking point in their marriage. As for Wayne, the couple’s only son, his hatred towards his father is reaching a new high. As Andrew continues to push Wayne’s buttons, the Braxton heir is trying to find a way to bring down dear old dad.

Meanwhile, Jeff and his wife Marie are adjusting to a fuller house with the adoption of their son Aiden. Plus, their recently divorce daughter, Vanessa returns home for a fresh start. As if that wasn’t enough, after many years of separation, Jeff is reunited with his estranged sister, Caroline.

The Reynolds

Businessman, Stan Reynolds is the head of the household in this clan. Stan’s peaceful life is soon thrown for a loop when his daughter Laura moves home with her daughter, Megan. Laura is seeking a fresh start following her divorce, but it’s soon complicated when two of her exes come to town.

Like his sister, Laura, Jacob is dealing with his own romance problems. His relationship with Alicia Green has caused friction between him and Stan. As if that wasn’t enough, Jacob is soon reunited with his ex-fiancée, who returns to town intent on winning him back.

Now, that you’ve had a quick recap about the characters, let’s talk about Westmore: New Beginnings.

The theme of this volume is new beginnings and you’ll see a bunch of characters experiencing changes in their lives.

In this volume, you have Elizabeth contemplating a divorce from Andrew, Wayne embarking on a new business venture, Charlotte and Jim taking a big step in their relationship, and Jacob having to make a decision between the two women he loves.

As for volume 7, I’m currently in the process of editing it and I hope I can have it out by the end of the year. So to all my readers out there, I want to thank you for your patience and I promise the next installment is coming.







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