Book Review: Anything For You by Kristan Higgins

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Title: Anything For You

Author: Kristan Higgins

Publisher: Harlequin

Genre: Romance

Rating: 2 1/2 stars

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I bought this book because I was curious to read Kristin Higgins books since I’ve heard so much about her. I decided to start with Anything For You. ¬†I haven’t read any of the other books in the Blue Heron series, but based on this book I think it can be read as a standalone.
The characters in the story are Jessica Dunn and Connor O’Rourke, a couple who have been on and off for years. Connor’s ready to settle down with Jessica, yet her insecurities keep her from committing to him. They’re soon left at a crossroads, Connor must decide whether he’s going to wait for Jessica or move on. Jessica must choose whether to start a life with Connor or end up alone.
I must admit, I found it hard to get behind their relationship. I felt for Jessica in what she went through growing up and having to take care of her brother, Davey. However, I didn’t like how she kept stringing Connor along, there were parts in the story where I was saying either commit to him or set him free. As for Connor, I felt for him in his relationship with Jess, it seemed like he was putting in more than she was. I liked how he made an effort to be understanding of her life and tried to form a bond with her brother. Yet, there were times throughout the book where he acted like an idiot. One example is when the morning after a romantic night together he refers to Jessica by an infamous name she had in high school.
Another thing that bothered me is how Connor and Jessica first met and became connected. I won’t give away too much, but let’s say it made me uncomfortable.
One thing that I liked about the story was the supporting characters, everyone from Connor’s twin Colleen to Davey to Jessica’s boss Pru. They bought a touch of humor and sensitivity to the story that made it better.
Even though there were some faults with the story, this hasn’t deterred me from checking out more of Higgins’ books.


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