Book Review: Dark Illusion by Dana V. Moison

Title: Dark Illusion
Author: Dana V. Moison
Genre: Psychological Thriller
*I received a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review*

Detective Sharon Davis is working on one of the biggest cases of her career. A string of murders involving the disfigurement of models leads her to the fashion world and on the trail of magazine editor, Kelly Danes. As Sharon closes in on the truth she rushes against time to protect supermodel Gloria who is Kelly’s latest target.

Overall, the story was good, it had that psychological thriller aspect to it. Kelly was a good villain and the first time I read her introduction, she creeped me out in the scene. She was very diabolical and I liked how she had a complex, where she thought she was doing the world a good thing by killing models.

Sharon, I liked how she was a strong female character, you don’t find too many of those in books. I loved how she trusted her gut instincts when it came to the case and defied her boss’ orders. Even though Sharon is a tough character, I love how the author showed her sensitivity by having her think about her family and the moments she missed out on because of her job.

I liked Sharon and Kelly’s POVs from the story, however I wasn’t too keen on Gloria’s POV. I liked her relationship with Andy, the photographer and how they fell in love. And although, she’s an important part of the story, I felt as if her POV and her romance with Andy didn’t fit into the book. I would’ve preferred if the book just stuck with Sharon and Kelly’s POVs.

Aside from that, Dark Illusion is a good book and if you’re a fan of psychological thrillers, I recommend you check this out.

Rating: 3 stars


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