Book Review: Not Your Match by Lindzee Armstrong

Title: Not Your Match
Author: Lindzee Armstrong
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Publisher: Snowflake Press
In this second installment of the No Match for Love series, we meet Andi Harmon. If you’ve read the first book, you’ll remember Andi is the girl who helps Luke with his plan to win Brooke’s love. Andi is a lawyer, who is getting burnt out from her job and is dealing with the breakup with her ex Marc. Andi’s life is soon turned in a positive direction when her high-school friend/dance partner Ben moves back to town. Ben moves across the hall from Andi in her apartment building and the two begin to reconnect and spend time together teaching dance to kids. Sparks ignite between Andi and Ben when they realize the true feelings they’ve had for each other all along. However, their relationship is complicated with the disapproval of Rachel, Ben’s sister and Andi best friend, along with Andi’s fake showmance with Luke Ryder, and the reappearance of Ben’s ex-fiancée, Whitney.
I was glad the author explored Andi in Now Your Match, after reading the first volume I was curious what happened to her and I was happy to read more about her in this installment. I loved Andi’s character, she had a warm personality and was a sweetheart, and she wanted to do something worthwhile in her life by helping others, instead of handling divorce cases. Andi’s good nature showed when she agreed to help Luke win over Brooke and when she and Ben started teaching dance for her friend’s charity program.
As for Ben, I liked him with Andi and I was rooting for them to confess their feelings to each other. I liked Ben’s backstory with his girlfriend, Whitney, who suffered from bipolar disorder. I loved how the author handled the issue of writing about Whitney and the pain Ben felt in trying to help her, yet she refused his help. Reading about Ben, you feel bad for what he and Whitney have gone through. I liked how Ben struggled with his guilt over Whitney, even though their relationship was over, he still felt a need to help her.
My one critique with the book is the ending, I didn’t like the way it wrapped up, especially with the way one character was treated. I would’ve liked an epilogue, where it explained what happened to everyone and showed that they got their happy ending.
*I was given a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.*
Rating: 4 stars
Purchase Link:

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