Book Release: Life-O-Suction by Queen of Spades

Today we celebrate the Official Release of “Spaded Truths 2: Life-O-Suction” by Queen Of Spades


Truth has no expiration date.

A second helping of Spaded Truths has arrived in the form of Life-O-Suction. Seasoned with a rich blend of prose with poetry, this follow up explores the human condition with a simmering of stimuli that lingers long after one has reached the end.

Disclaimer: Some of the content may not be suitable for those under eighteen.




The discovery of land that already has inhabitants should be a mockery,
Not facts taught in schools and made a national holiday.
Just like some of the greatest minds didn’t have skin of alabaster
But hues of cinnamon to dark chocolate, not discovered until way after.
The genocide of Jews is seen as diabolical: accounts well documented.
I mean no disregard or comparisons on any injustices inflicted.
My people’s assassination is an everyday phenomenon,
Yet too many people flip through channels
While waiting for Scandal or Empire to come on.

Available on Amazon Kindle & Paperback

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