Book Review: The Wonderland Effect by Robert Arrington

Title: The Wonderland Effect

Author: Robert Arrington

Genre: Fantasy

I was given a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.
Alice Littleton isn’t your typical teenager. She has supernatural powers similar to the ones from Alice in Wonderland. She uses her powers for good purposes and when she helps rescue a kidnapped child, she becomes the interest of Olgethorpe, an evil man who wants to recruit Alice to join his army. When she refuses, she and her father go on the run and end up at Prometheus Academy, where she meets kids with other supernatural powers. As Alice adjusts to her new surroundings, trouble looms and Alice must decide what course of action to take.
I loved how the author took on this new twist to Alice in Wonderland; I liked how he included the characters from Wonderland such as The Hatter, The March Hare, and Ches the Cat. I liked how everytime the Wonderland characters appeared, they caused mischief. One of my favorite parts is when they disrupt Alice’s birthday party.
Alice is a character I was drawn to from the beginning, because of her powers she was made to feel like inadequate by her mother, while her father embraced her powers. When Alice goes to Prometheus Academy, she’s glad to see other kids who share similar powers and she feels like she belongs.
Throughout the book, the story switches from Alice to the students and faculty at Prometheus Academy. At times, it got confusing keeping up with the different characters, yet I enjoyed reading about them and their different powers.
My main critique about the book is I felt it was a little long, there were some parts that went into too much detail and I thought it could’ve been cut back. Aside from that, I thought it was a good story and will be a good read for children and adults.
Review: 4 stars

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