Book Review & Giveaway: One to Go by Mike Pace

Title: One to Go
Author: Mike Pace
Publisher: Oceanview Publishing
Genre: Mystery, Suspense
I received a copy of this book for free in exchange for an honest review.
Tom Booker’s life is about to change and make him question everything he’s ever known.
Upon leaving work, he’s involved in a deadly car accident and in the other car is his daughter and a group of her friends. In order to save their lives, Tom makes a deal with two demons, he becomes their personal hitman by killing a person every two weeks.
Everything returns to normal and Tom thinks he imagined the whole scene, but a few weeks later one of the passengers dies and Tom realizes everything’s real. Knowing that his daughter’s life is at stake, Tom uses his job as a lawyer to find victims to sacrifice in order to save his daughter. As time ticks away, Tom struggles with his conscience, his religious beliefs, and faces trouble that put his and his daughter’s lives in jeopardy.
I admit at first I didn’t like Tom, his drinking and his womanizing turned me off a bit. Yet, as the story moved forward and Tom struggled with his guilt for taking lives, I sort of felt sorry for him. It showed that he had a conscience and even though what he does is wrong, the scenes with his daughter proved his love for her and what a parent would do to protect their child.
The demons in the story took on human form and I have to say they creeped me out, especially when they’d pop up at various times to taunt Tom about his deal.
The book started off a little slow at first, but towards the middle it picked up steam when Tom found himself in trouble and coming up with a way to keep his end of the bargain with the demons. As for the ending, it kept me on edge wondering was Tom going to be able to save his daughter and I liked how the author tied up the loose ends.
One to Go is a mysterious thriller set against Washington’s backdrop that combines the elements of crime, politics, suspense, and the supernatural.
Rating: 4 stars

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