Going Home Again

Going Home Again is the first book I wrote and it helped establish my career as an author.  In February 2010, after nearly a year of writing and sending out query letters, Going Home Again was finally published by Romance Divine.

The book revolves around Rachel Mitchell, who’s a fashion photographer living life in New York along with her handsome, successful boyfriend Jeremy David. However, Rachel’s perfect life is shattered by news of her mother’s death. She returns to her home in Virginia to comfort her sisters and her grandmother. While she’s in town, she meets her ex-boyfriend Cole Ashton, whose heart she broke years earlier.

Upon her return to New York, Rachel’s life continues to be turned upside down due to trouble at work and cheating allegations against her boyfriend. To take her mind off of things, Rachel begins making frequent trips home to Virginia and reconnects with her family. She also starts spending time with Cole and feelings reignite between the two.

Rachel is soon questioning what she wants out of life and wonders if a move back home would bring her happiness.

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